May 4, 2009

Tweeting too much

This picture is exactly what can happen if I continue using Twitter at work, I'll get fired upon.
You know two weeks ago I started twitter and it's not like my first social media site.
I've tried yahoo 360, myspace, and before these, well chat rooms.
I can say I have met some good people, and some good friends, real friends, not a lot just a few.
Well today was my first warning from boss that enough twitter, stay focused on work.
So I decided I like eating, I'll tweet at home, but I wanted to get my blog out there.
I'm just a rebel.
It seems as though something is going on, I feel like I'm committed to people on twitter.
I know I'm alone, what makes one go online and tweet away and get excited with replies and RT's and direct messages and followers and tinyurl's?
It's kind of exciting people find people online, it's a little community even though we don't know each other we connect to each other on the regular.
Anyway it's been fun I got to get back to work, hope to see you on twitter after work.
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