May 19, 2009

Spiritual Speculation

I must be careful about this wonderful gift of expression online, I must take heed what Paul wrote to the Colosians, stay focus on Christ and not my thinking.
My girlfriend and I are soul tied for the past 6 years, she is precious to me but most important she is very precious to the Savior Christ Jesus who died and rose again for us all.
I was hurt over an incident which may have been minor to others but to me it was like my best friend betrayed me, it was as though she just forgot about my humanness. I couldn't just tell her I proved it with my actions how I the hurt I felt.
She was hurt and you know we men can be hard core, and of course my phone went off so we had no communication, and I even unfollowed her on Twitter and ignored her @'s and direct msgs. You know what we do, we try to close the door and refuse to work it out, just stone cold was my attitude.
But my deceitfulness of my heart said now I will seek another.
GOD says no we are not over, my girlfriend came over to my place, she apologized, she told me how she understood how I felt, and that she was wrong and ask for forgiveness, she hugged and kissed and said we have had worse things happen, instantly my coldness got warm and I forgave her.
GOD reminded me of so often my mistakes as Mr Spiritual I have made. I'm reminded I'm on a fallen planet, I have not been transported to heaven and he is still working on me, and still working on her, as he has forgiven me countless times and I mean unnumberial times, so must I forgive her.
I'm encouraged to be patient why the rush of GOD's perfect seasons.
He is so good to me and to you. What a Great Teacher the Spirit of GOD that dwells within!
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