May 12, 2009

This is painful but helpful

Yesterday I was having a mental hangover, a thought that lingered from the other day.
What was the thought you ask?
Why doesn't my family contact me, by phone, or email, or letter, they have my phone number, or email address, or home address?
My ego responded with that's why I don't contact them?
Suddenly the thought came and said you just be the giver, without expecting anything in return.
Now I'm not that bright, I knew it was from the LORD, if anyone I communicate with family, friends, tweeters, etc just keep giving, keep doing good.
Don't expect anyone except me GOD to give back, because I said Give and it Shall Be Given.
With these thoughts I made the decision to call no matter what, reach out to as many as often as possible, and don't expect them to reciprocate.
This was comforting but ego deflation as well, just do what GOD says, leave the results to him.
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