May 18, 2009

Another Level

Just recently a earthquate shocked greater Los Angeles area, and it shook me and woke me out of my nap around 9pm Sunday 5.17.09.
Have you ever had your world rocked?
Earthquakes are common for Southern California.
I wasn't hurt from the quake nor the aftershock, it got my attention and I immediately turned on the news.
Did I pray, well let's say no but I thank GOD for his arms of safety he does give peace in the midst of chaos.
Well I also got a shaking which was emotional over the weekend, or rather spiritual in nature concerning an area of my life I'm not very strong at.
That is my current or past tense relationship with my girlfriend.
It pain me to say it's over after 6 years.
I'm usually the type that will talk and be friends, but my insides is telling me to move on get to pushing it.
I believe GOD moves in ways and works without my permission, his Spirit works with my human spirit and he works.
I want to elevate and grow, and GOD knows I do, but the person I've been with may not have the same growth, or maturity, or desire, she may be satisifed with her relationship with GOD.
I'm wanting more of GOD, and what he would have to me to become, this means a seperation of what I believed was intimate relationship me my girlfriend had. But we were not going anywhere, maybe materialistically, but that's an aspect that doesn't truly have a lasting significance in my life.
Some shaking is worth looking at inwardly, I thought I would share this with you and hope you take a look at what GOD may be stripping you from and seeing what he leaves you with.
I believe he wants a closer one on one relationship, something I have put other things, my ego, and my attempts to solve my own problems or trouble.
Be Blessed my friends and thanks for being patient as GOD helps me to share what's really going on.
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