May 27, 2009

Life shows up

You are very dear to my heart my new friends if you are reading this, friends through the ambient awareness portal of twitter.
I have made some quick friends and can keep updated with your journey as well as mine, which is normal for me if I look at my past, but there are so many that I haven't the time to respond to like I want.
Please forgive me I want to connect but work, home maintenance, friends over the phone, text messaging and I have to make time for my devotional time and close time with GOD my best companion, of course I love some TV shows and readings, and blog sites of my twitter folk especially the interesting variety updates.
Anyway just know I plan on getting to know each one of you who I have a special interest in.
Thank you for coming into my world, it's a matter of time management and it's a trip.
New changes in my long term relationship just ended with my inability to control it or let go of it when it's time, I just don't have that much sense but GOD knows whats best and because he moves in mystery he moved her out of my life and blocked my heart of her coming back.
So much investment but I gained some pain to help myself not repeat it and to help someone else.
Look at your experiences that have shaped your life most were out of your control.
Be Blessed GOD is doing wonders look at him work in your life he is there, I'll talk about it in my life so you can see him yours.
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