May 15, 2009

Chapter 1

Early on I was told I had entered what they call a spiritual warfare. I remember being so on fire for my new friend Jesus, I spoke of Jesus, Church, the word of GOD, my parents didn't know who I was, my friends began teasing me and rejecting me. My closest friends I brought to Church but they responded differently. I kind of thought what's wrong with me. Do you remember when you first believed it was so exciting the new information if you were like me you wanted to tell the world.

I didn't know how to live life though, even though I did what most new Christians did, my twenties was filled with Church meetings during the week and weekend. I remained faithful to GOD and the Church where I first heard about Jesus for almost 10 years.

I heard plenty of preaching, and teaching, and I studied the word of GOD the bible constantly. The truth was being bombed in my life, Jesus military campaign continued.

My life began to change quickly as I mentioned on my last blog. I married that girl who had a toddler and began early as a husband and a step daddy.

GOD also increased our family by giving me two more daughters so we were a young family.

I did not do a good job as a young family man so I had a divorce but I saw my two daughters regularly.

I wasn't comfortable with being by myself, I found myself with lots of women, and quickly I fell in love and GOD gave me a son.

In those twenties I went to several colleges, universities and tech schools.

My twenties also was difficult because I had such bad habit going back to my night life lifestyle to find what I thought could comfort me for having a divorce and now three children in my twenties.

The only biblical character I could relate to who had an affair and family trouble was David.

What DrUw had a problem with I didn't know I had a problem, was my lack of GOD. It wasn't GOD who was lost, I was lost. I needed more Jesus.

GOD said he began a good work in you and will finish it till Jesus Christ comes again.

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