Oct 31, 2010

Gratitude Frequency

Being grateful is a choice of the inner most being part of us, some call it the soul, others call it the heart, still others call it GOD part.

It's not important on the name of the part of us that transmits gratitude what is important is the effect upon the mind to imagine areas of gratitude and points to agree with thoughts and if you choose written or verbal words of gratitude.

One will gain energy when one gathers the areas of appreciation and then radiate that internally and see how the emotional energy, mental energy rises.

Gratitude is a healing virtue!

Oct 30, 2010

Beating the drum

There is a beat that can be musically satisfying because of your own preferences; ones own tastes, ones own personality, ones own experiences, ones own feelings, ones own thoughts.

Be careful of the power of the drum, when you beat the drum of negative thoughts, it produces negative words, negative moods, negative body languages as well.

This negative beat is addictive and if not careful you can remain in negative pockets of misery.

Instead consider what is wanted and decide and commit to beat positive beats of thoughts that are positive aspects about everything you can think of, this will give positive beats of the emotions and more positive experiences will be attracted to you.

So beat positive and the music will be so divine and sublime.

Oct 26, 2010

Discernment of GOD or Other

When the Thought Is The Highest Thought ---- It is JOY

When the Feeling is the Most Important, the Grandest ---- It is LOVE

When the Words are the Most Clearest ----- It is TRUTH

This is GOD

Oct 24, 2010

Prayers are words that express what is our highest intention

Written words, spoken words, thoughts projected, actions are the sum of emotional transmissions that is directed, aligned to form a vibration or signal of the whole person that the GOD who designed Us to be like GOD and the Universe will respond to this powerful signal and deliver whatever is our desire to us quickly or slowly depending on our intensity of focus and alignment.

Know that we are powerful creators of our own reality, creators of our own experiences, we are more than in control; ancient writers mention this as more than conquerors, overcomer's, with the essence of our Creator there is no limit to what we can think, speak, do, and feel.

Attention please.

Attention please.

For due processing and remittance of your online email
prize of 615,810.00 (Six hundred and fifteen thousand,
eight hundred and ten euros) only, please download
and read the attachment for full details.

Best regards,

Mrs.Silvia Santos

Oct 16, 2010

Shifting Mental Gears

Shift the mind, shift the behavior, shift the experience, shift the reality, now perceive your new section of ones personality.

Oct 15, 2010

Religion vs Spiritual

Religion is an acceptance of others spiritual experiences with their faith.

Spiritual is an acceptance of ones own spiritual experience.

Religion is knowing what others say about GOD.

Spiritual is knowing about GOD personally.

Religion is knowing GOD

Spiritual is knowing Self

Religion is wanting GOD to do something

Spiritual is wanting Self to do something

Oct 14, 2010

Stop Fighting

Stop resisting, by starting to allow the good that GOD has stored up from all prayer requests and rockets of desires which are always acknowledged and answered.

Move the mind to allow the inspiration of assurance that ones desire is met, don't struggle just relax and know that you know that the answer is here always will be available.

Login for access, and process visually, mentally, virtually the way, the style is truly personal.

When the fight is over the peace can rush in and equalize the emotional state, as ancient writings call peace be still and know GOD is everything.

Oct 12, 2010

Seek To See, Think Abundance Instead Of Absence

There is a feeling that is received when the thoughts are continually toward abundance instead of what is missing.

Thinking about, or looking and acting like there is lack of this and that, there will be so much evidence to keep supporting this reality and the loop will never end.

Our thoughts, our senses and our actions all are driven by our reality.

The universe will stream the attraction of abundance or lack and the feelings thy associate with thinking, seeing an acting as the reality that one has plenty will be so much delicious emotions that one will choose this principle over the opposite principle of lack.

Oct 11, 2010

Principle Thinking Inspire Connection To Raising to the Best Emotions and then Live our Best Experiences

The Mind Imagines
Feelings Vibrates For Emotional Guidance
The Body Moves

The Innermost inspires an Idea
The Conscious Designs the Idea
The 5Senses Acts to the Idea

Oct 9, 2010

Whatever our Attraction to; the Universe will give us more of the same.

Our universe (made by GOD) responds to the strength and energy that we radiate from our thoughts(prayers, requests, desires, thought conversation).

As we raise the intensity, the seriousness, the passion, the enlightenment, the inspiration of thoughts will attract more and more and these feed the emotions which responds with a tidal wave of positive on fire like emotions.

Just know this has nothing to do with a movie, a mate, kids, cars, it all has something to do with our thoughts about a movie, a mate, kids, cars, sex or whatever the conversation(subject) is about.

Our thoughts about this and our emotional response gives electric currents that it is either on point or missing the mark.

Oct 8, 2010

Three Steps To Obtaining and Becoming

1. Commit To Developing Intensity in Praying, Asking, Desiring, with Concentrated Thoughts, Words, and Actions with Unity of All Three.

2. Answers Created by SOURCE of Everything delivered by
Powerful Universal Delivery System (LAWS)

3. Constant Mental-Visual Step by Step Processing The Answers

Oct 7, 2010

Three Steps

3 Universal Steps For Creating
 1. (Our Job) Consistent Offering Ones Thoughts for what is wanted or Constant Asking for Improvements 
2. (Not Our Job) All Thoughts, All Words, All Emotional
Requests Are Answered With Energy To Be, To Have, To Do 
From the SOURCE of Everything   
(GOD of many names is (Able), Universe of Laws (Can Deliver whatever is desired)  
  3. (Our Job) Constant (Mental-Faith) Visualizing Ones Steps to Receive Each Desire

 What I Desire To Be (Innermost Emotions) 
How I Design (Ideas of Thinking)
Whatever I Can Do (Body of Senses)
Connect, Access, Position Oneself to Receive
Receive like a hub for stimulated content for emotional, mental, and physical satisfaction

There are larger bodies that align themselves to function, and so can smaller masses like us.


Oct 3, 2010

JOY The Fireworks Explosions that changes the elements everywhere.

An emotional state which is truly brilliance in the state of mind, the outlook, the thoughts, the very radiance is felt all over and others feel this purity, call it one of the highest emotions call it Joy! Joy-A state of pervasive, unshakable happiness.Eckhart Tolledescribes this state in The Power of Now. The level of saints and advanced spiritual teachers.Just being around people at this level makes you feel incredible. At this level life is fully guidedby synchronicity and intuition. There's no more need to set goals and make detailed plans — the expansion of your consciousness allows you to operate at a much higher level. 

Pivot to the best thoughts for the best experiences.

When the thoughts seek and attract better thoughts, there is a explosion of truth in the form of feeling is achieved.

Some call it awakening, some call it personality change, it doesn't matter the name, what matters is the experience from the movement of ones thoughts to better and better thoughts or ideas till new perspectives and emotions are the outcome.

After I become conscious my outlook toward all things is revised I have been recreated inwardly. All things become new from the inside, my job is to nurture my outlook all ways, to stay renewed.


Feeling Lost

Feeling Empty

First of all the feelings we all have are designed for guidance to enjoyment.

When we don't feel good for whatever our thinking gravitates to, we can stay or keep moving to a better feeling.

When a subject of GOD or religion or anything that is not seen but an idea, our job is to fine tune the idea till the thought feels better not worse.

What happens to some of us who don't seem to feel like there is a place on earth, in our communities of believers toward any deity, we began to ignore the feeling, ignore the subject, ignore the thought of whatever we feel discomfort from.

Some responses are to speak more about the subject as to push it out of our conscious, but the results are the same or worse.

Some responses are to push it away from us by thinking of something better, but this thought, experience, and feeling now is a memory that will never be erased.

All things we experience require our attention to review for clarity, to discover what is wanted from what is unwanted.

We all live in a huge variety of choices in all flavors, shapes, sizes, cost, color, speeds, interests and the lists can go on and on.

We are in a world of abundance and our job is to find what feels good for us to live with a constant supply of awesome emotions.

When we are in this mode of discovery for ourselves, it is a pleasant job and we will find ourselves at peace and love, and freedom and appreciation.

What we label it, is not as important as the experience that is better in how we feel in the experience.

So find that sweet spot of good feeling in all that we choose this is a peace that is truly an opportunity for all of us. 

Oct 2, 2010

Every area of our personality calls for us to grow, develop, evolve. From our innermost to our preferred thinking, to our picky observations of ourselves, the world we interpret from our selective thoughts. There is a calling of all things we observe, and believe or to be revised. Our spiritual beliefs also require revision for us to evolve like nature evolves. Let new concepts slowly and gently penetrate our conscious from our inward discussion about all things that we relate to.

Spiritual Allergy

Many people like I use to be, have been disgusted with ideas and thoughts about the word GOD and it isn't something that the word GOD or the being GOD had done. But a representative of the word GOD which distorts what is.

Oct 1, 2010

Love and Fear Work Together

There are two powerful polarized forces throughout the Universes. These opposite energies rotate constantly which like magnetic fields draws upon all subjects and users of these energies.

Emotions are Parent-Child Relativity
There are ranges or degrees of positive emotions of love: empowerment, freedom, appreciation, peace, joy, enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness.
The opposite of negative emotions are the feelings which are of fear: grief, depression, despair, anger, discouragement.

Our job as human beings is to select the best feeling thoughts for the state of being in all that we experience, we accrue feelings from these two polarities, either fear or love.

Top 10 Ideas Can Change My World

Top 10 Ideas Can Change My World

Meditate for a moment becomes a lifestyle

When we take the time to calm the body, by calming the mind, by listening to the inner most part of our being, the calling is for more by a better technique, a better mindset, a better emotional state.

We can be motivated at first by a need for what is missing, this discipline of meditation can be called by many names, absorbed thought, stillness, quiet time, no matter what name we call it the objective is still based on principle.

The principle of unifying the mind, the emotion, the body this art form is a oneness, and it is delicious in the practice and the lifestyle of meditational harmonizing oneself.