Sep 30, 2010

GOD is. ... (Fill in the space) GOD is whatever you and I want GOD to be.

GOD doesn't get hurt, or upset, GOD is not defective, never disappointed, GOD is free to be what we want, or don't want, GOD is and GOD is not.
GOD is with many names, and no name.

 So is life, events, situations, circumstances, people, whatever we describe is our reality. Our reality can be altered, our living our life in what we perceive, what we think, what we do can be changed. 

The Infrastructure Within

My Soul, or Spirit, or Heart, or Inner Being or GOD who activates my Emotional Source Energy Department of my Being plays feelings like music that I love, announcing to the Mind, the Body and the Universe what feels good or what feels not so good base upon my thinking.

Sep 27, 2010

Living honest allows Self to see the truth which melts what is not true, defaces the illusion which warped the way to live from the original thought of living on this planet!