Apr 28, 2009

Go into the deep.

The deepest level of intimacy with GOD is praising GOD in spite of the pain.
Thanking him, trusting him, surrendering to him when under intense suffering.
Loving him when he seems so far away.

Apr 26, 2009

I have a hero

I was impressed with iamdiddy on twitter sharing all of his heroes and I thought who is my hero?
Let me tell you about my hero.
First it may come to a surprise that my hero is a female.
You see she rescued me 6 years ago and she keeps on rescuing me.
She doesn't wear a cape, she doesn't have super powers.
She usually gets her hair did often, including nails, that's a female identity.
She communicates through love songs.
She has a masterful way of remembering things I have overlooked.
She can listen with fine tune detail and recite what I just said.
Somehow she can show me displeasure with just a mmm hmmm and I'm in trouble.
What makes her my hero is that no matter what I'm doing she is available.
If I call her she will answer or call me back as soon as possible.
If I text her just wait a minute and she will give you one in return.
If I ask her to come over she will be there with a smile.
Wow instant friendship.
I'm never lonely because my hero is here with me in my heart and she travels where ever I go, she goes too.
I never seen a women so beautiful and when she smiles she lights up the atmosphere.
But her outer is no comparision to her inner, you see as I come to know this person and see how they can love with leaps and bounds, can overcome all of my bad ways, it's like she can take so much emotional stress better than any person I've seen, and still come back like I love you.
Let me say that every hero needs to be rescued to when they are down, when they cry, I don't kick her but uplift her, and as possible spend quality time to renew our friendship.
This is why I unplug from twitter during the weekends to spend time with my hero.
Everyone should have a hero who's yours?

Apr 23, 2009

Twitter Novice

Today I was using a twitter personality analysis tool located: http://twanalyst.com/ I feel like this picture you see, serene and calm, and a little fantasy. Do you know what it said about me? Based on my stats from my page, personality: I'm a ordinary sociable unremarkable; style babbling coherent POET. Of course I had to look up coherent, it means orderly, logical, consistent relation of parts. The tool also gave me some tips, so I thought I would try 2 of them immediately. Since I don't have a lot of retweeting on my page, I thought I would making blogs to sort of get things off my chest instead of running a lot of unintersting tweets on my page possibly scarring people off my pages. I never looked at my writing style as poetic, but from what I heard from others they seem to think I'm ready to write a book. I like tweeting through out the day listening to the celebs vibes and ordinary people share the photos or what their doing, when I try to do it, I can't stop typing, things are popping up in my cerebral that is unexplained. I start wondering why are people on my page, what would cause people to follow me? I don't know what I look like or sound like because I see myself too often, but someone is looking and listening. Maybe it's the celebs or people I follow, maybe it's the tweeter follower themself and not me at all, or maybe a combination, anyway I hope this social networking can benefit myself and others somehow. This so far has been a better cleaner experience on tweeter than myspacing it and yahoo360 in which I was a wanna be playa or better attention male whore.. Well this will not be the last blog, just some thoughts while I fix complex and simple issues as a techie.