Apr 30, 2011

In every moment, I have the ability to activate the very best in others, when I do this, my life in effect feels really good.

Apr 29, 2011

Live in ones GOD's space and in this peace I release the struggles, and I get new ideas as solutions. A chance to create the life I choose.

Apr 28, 2011

Listen to the loudest voice which comes from within, it guides the journey, this voice is of my Soul, this voice is GOD's GPS or radar tool.

Apr 27, 2011

When I choose the action that love sponsors, I will do more than win, I will do more than succeed, I will experience the glory of who I am.

Apr 26, 2011

Every motive has a thought behind the thought behind the thought, the driving force of either a version of fear, or a version of love.

Apr 25, 2011

Love is unconditional, GOD is unconditional, my Soul has love for myself and others is unconditional.

Apr 24, 2011

Every human thought and every human action is based out of love or fear, there is no other motivation but these two.

Apr 23, 2011

There are two ideas in the universe, love, and fear, these two emotions are complete opposites, the alpha and omega, choose only one.

Apr 22, 2011

Everyplace is blissful, every person precious, there is no place or person more special than another, GOD speaks to all people in all places

Apr 21, 2011

Live my life and use my life by moving my thoughts continually to depths of intelligence to reach elevated levels of emotional ecstasy.

Apr 20, 2011

The life experiences will only rise as high as the accumulated thought processes, including words spoken and actions one has access to.

Apr 19, 2011

Focus totally upon what is wanted, this releases resistance to my own desire. This type of focus gains access to Energy that creates worlds.

Apr 18, 2011

If I want to know what's true to me about a thing, look to how I am feeling about a thing. Feelings is the language of the Soul.

Apr 17, 2011

Your emotions are your physical indication of your relationship with your Inner Being/Soul/GOD.

Apr 16, 2011

Don't ask why, it's better to make a statement of what. Instead of asking why, focus on what I want to create next, and keep moving.

Apr 15, 2011

Whether I am focusing upon things I want or things I do not want, the evidence of my thoughts continually flows toward me.

Apr 14, 2011

Just like gravity will bring it down, there are other laws that will bring it to me, that which I focus on, starting with the thought.

Apr 13, 2011

Focus on what you want, not what is missing, for in the focus is the desire, a prayer request granted, for GOD answers all focuses.

Apr 12, 2011

I have a inner being a guidance system that leads me to a path of least resistance, a path of allowance of desires fulfilled, a path to GOD.

Apr 11, 2011

I am here to create a world around me, by first creating a world within me, while accepting the world created by others.

Apr 10, 2011

The standard of success in life isn't the things we own. It isn't the money or the stuff -- it is absolutely the amount of joy you feel...

Apr 9, 2011

A negative feeling is an indicator of current choices of thoughts are out of harmony with who I am, resisting full connection with GOD.

Apr 8, 2011

When emotions feel good, whether they are strong or weak, you are allowing the fulfillment of your desire.

Apr 7, 2011

A smile is the lightning system of the face and the heating system of the heart.

Apr 6, 2011

I am always in the process of creating, every min, every sec, I am big creation machine, producing a new statement as fast as I can think.

Apr 5, 2011

My intention everyday is to create a path of less resistance, the path to my wellness, path to my GOD, path to my joy, path of appreciation.

Apr 4, 2011

There is only one reason to do, or undo anything, as a statement to the universe of who I am, life used this way becomes self creative.

Apr 3, 2011

GOD is a total choice, a returning to GOD is a rememberance, re-member who I am, and remember who everyone else is. We are Spirits of GOD.

Apr 2, 2011

GOD is eternal, laws are eternal and we are eternal, there is no limit in GOD, there is no limit in us. Be awaken to remember and act to it.

Apr 1, 2011

We are Mind, Body and Spirit, with prayer make quiet the Mind by going to the Spirit of GOD deep within for broader insight into reality.