Jun 26, 2009


There has been some rare occurances happening in my life this month. One is the abstinence of drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco, well you know that drugs is a leading cause of death, those legal and illegal right. Well I know that I know, that I know that GOD has solved this problem for me, he has removed the addictions that were causing health problems in my life. There is no explaining this kind of mercy, only to say he did it, a blessing of a miracle, a phenomenon. In addition, he has brought someone very special in my life by way of twitter, this person is such a good person, I think of her as virtuous woman like the one in Proverbs 31. This woman has moral excellence, so pure in heart, and a love that is heart felt, I'm so happy with our conversations, and our time together, we have so much fun together we pray daily together. I can only say that because of GOD I have been truly blessed with such gifts, a longer lease on my life. I want to give credit to where credit is due for these things that I could not due by myself and for myself. I'm glad GOD has done this, so that I can tell others he can, and will do, he is able, GOD could and would if he were sought. There are other things that GOD has done, but I will tell about that later. I do know that if it can be explained, GOD didn't do it, he does what no man can do, the unexplained.

Jun 17, 2009


Are my words part of the solution or part of the problem?
After blogging some encouragement on twitter in 140 characters as well as sending 160 characters via text messaging from my phone, I received a text msg followed by a phone call.
Notice how I said encouragement?
My new friend had some feedback, and I welcomed it. After listening I begin questioning how my words can take on various meanings and can be misunderstood, or misinterpreted, I begin to internalize how one interprets words and my mind began to explode in thought, I knew I had to at least make a beginning of this thought frenzy with a blog.
I was always told that words are spirits so if they are alive we must be careful how they are used. The bible refers to words spoken can mean life or death.
The history of creation and GOD's revelation of himself in written documents says he spoke and creation appeared, so there must be power from GOD spoken word's.
When you hear something that pertains to the subject of GOD, do you shut down? Does it turn you on or off? This can be an indication if you are awake or sleep spirtually.
How my mind works, I saw in the text msg was how someone can dissect the message and pick what is relevant for them and leave the rest for others.
Interesting, kind of like going to a buffet restaurant and you find what you like and everything else you just pass it by.
Another view is like going over to someone’s home for dinner and they pass you a plate and you say I don’t eat this or that, and they either put it back in the pot or you receive the plate, but you don’t eat everything on your plate.
Well these are analogies of how I analyzed the feedback I received without reacting negatively or judging the person providing feedback.
Words, we use them so rapidly, if you are like me, you take them for granted.
Some of us are extraverts which speak first to hear our thoughts, and some are introverts who think first before speaking these are personality styles and we all have styles of processing information from logic to feelings, and timing styles.
Words can spark someone to hike the football, or to run a certain play in any sport, words communicated can start a war or end one, words can cause someone to react and commit murder, or cause someone to live the rest of their lives together.
Words can give someone a name that will stick through a lifetime, words that damage can injure for a lifetime as well.
The bible speaks volumes about words we use, like a salt fountain, or a bitter sweet fountain, your mouth can’t be both fountains.
Take time to consider our words careful when we start to write or speak.

Jun 10, 2009


We live in a day when super natural power is in the movies, on tv, and video games, comic books, you name it, someone is always talking about power. We all have someone who we admire, someone we even praise, maybe even a fantasy person who can do just about anything. If you have seen my twitter page, you'll always see some figure who is shiny and on a surf board, well that person is called Silver Surfer. When I was younger, I read comic books and he was one of my favorites, why? He had cosmic powers, and can do some amazing things and was unbeatable, indestructable. Ok enough about the fantasy let's talk about about someone who is real. I'm so happy that there is one who has all power in the heavens and in the earth, he is ruler of all life, he created everyone, he is the orginator of all things, he is wiser than everyone, stronger than everyone, no one is higher than him, he is everywhere at the same time, he comes in and out of time, he is all ways on time. He has so many attributes most are not recorded, one thing for sure that I know that I know, that I know, that I know. GOD is LOVE. He showed his love to me and to you whether you acknowledge it is irrelevant, he sent his special son Jesus to the earth that he designed. He was sent to rescue us from total seperation from himself. I can write a lot about Jesus and what he has done in my life, and what he is still doing in my life, how he still answers prayers, he still shows up and shows out, how he forgives, shows mercy, gives grace. What does this all mean, this SuperHero wants to be your friend, he wants to be on your mind, and in your heart, he wants you to be part of his eternal family, he wants you to see him and experience his love for eternity. Well I hope to write more, just know that there is someone who has unlimited love and unlimited power and he wants to be so close that nothing can seperate you from him. Isn't it worth knowing more about this SuperHero, it doesn't matter the name you call him, you can say I AM, Jesus, Father in Heaven, GOD he can answer all of the names, just call him, and when you do, it will be an unending relationship a Perfect GOD and imperfect humanbeing.

Jun 5, 2009

Get the focus on him, he who has all power.

GOD woke me up, if your reading this, he woke you, he doesn't need an alarm, he is the alarm.
I like it when everything starts with GOD, he is the beginning, he is the end.
He starts you on your way, may he direct your path, and may he speak to your heart and mind.
He speaks to me, and he speaks to you, can you hear him through your heart or someone else?
It's amazing when GOD wants your attention, he longs for your time, your love.
GOD will make it all better, he wants to prove himself he is real, and he cares, life gets better.
Don't focus on your hurts, your faults, forgive yourself, and keep moving, he throws it in
the sea of forgetfulness.

Jun 4, 2009

Say hello to the bad guy.

You know I'm not one who is quick to say I'm wrong, as a matter of fact, I'm kinda slow.
Slow to say sorry, slow to ask for forgiveness, slow to see myself wrong.
Why is that?
To answer that one must be willing to seek the truth from a bible perspective, biblical point of view, a spiritual authority.
Let's look at Adam he was able to name all the animals, wow, every animal that was created, that is truly amazing that the brain has capability to name something new, just imagine if you will the various species and subspecies.
Ok now we must see what happen to that mind, he ate of a tree and lost his mind.
What's wrong with eating?
Well eating is not wrong, it's what you eat from that is wrong, especially if the one who created it tells you don't do it.
Ok well all know that, well as soon as he did and was summons for a report, he was called in for accountability because that's what GOD will do for each one of us.
Don't we all have some excuse why we do things and don't we think we have the answers to life.
GOD said did you eat of the tree I told you not to eat from?
Adam blamed GOD first for giving him a woman and she gave him the fruit of the forbidden tree.
See that blame game.
Well I said all of that to say that I have what he had a messed up mind, and it isn't that reliable.
Two weeks ago, me and my girlfriend went on a small trip, it was lovely until I arrived with my ego and attitude and I started blaming my girlfriend for things, like out of the blue.
One thing led to another and I was angry and being very hurtful, but back then if I were to tell you what happen I would say I was just being honest.
But honesty can hurt someone so bad that they must get away from the source of pain and that's what she did she got away from me for 2 weeks.
Yesterday she spoke to me, and I did it again, and I heard her cry over the phone and I was immediately telling her to stop crying, please, I don't want you to cry, lets talk, lets work it out.
As we talked I felt I must take some action about the people I have drawn into my life in our 2 week seperation.
I did, and it was painful but not as painful as hurting the one I love for the past 6 years.
Long story short, the lesson, I must draw the line and not cross over the path of getting close to another woman, when I give another woman the attention that my lady deserves I have crossed the line.
GOD is good, he is the author of real love, closing down what is not true love and opening the door for true love, he got me and my g/friend back together and for me to get some sanity about my social behavior.
Well my hope is that I can stay on the path of learning how not to be the bad guy.

Jun 3, 2009

Believe in yourself still more in GOD

Why believe in yourself?
Well I know now why I must believe in myself, treat myself with upmost care, love myself, take good care of the self that people see and the one that they don't see.
Let me say you are worthy to believe in yourself, because if you knew the GOD working in you who wants you to believe in yourself but still more in him who lives deep inside of you.
He paid a high price for your belief, and he knows you have a war upon your belief system.
I know I have been convicted that my actions prove that I believe I'm smarter than GOD, it's not my words but my actions.
So believe in yourself because GOD does, he equips you, empowers you, because he loves you and wants you to enjoy the life he has given you, he is the author of all life and since you are breathing today it is because today he had a plan to wake you up.
All things are possible to him that believes, so be willing, pray for willing to believe, tell GOD you don't believe but help my unbelief.
Listen to him speak to your heart, and desiring your closeness so you can get to know him and have a wonderful relationship with him.
Jesus made it possible as our brother to have access to the Heavenly Father but you don't have to look all in space, he is on the inside of you, look within he's there.

Jun 2, 2009


For deep down in everyone there is a basic spirit of GOD, GOD may be blocked by the trouble of trying to handle your troubles, the ego, and the admiration of other things but in some form GOD is there.
This is something that I have to share because it's why I'm on twitter.
I had been praying all through my early christian experiences but I never prayed to be unblocked.
Anyway I believe GOD has been searching for me like when he asked for Adam? Not that GOD was lost.
Where are you DrUw?
I was given a prayer and I started that prayer about 2 mo ago, and as a result GOD responded.
The prayer concept is simple GOD please remove the things that are blocking me from you, myself and others. Amen.
Well I found Twitter through watching a link about a Oprah, lol, and she said something about Twitter, then I saw a Sprint commercial about Twitter.
My inquisitive mind started and my job didn't block the site so I went and started a profile April 20th 2009.
So people started to pouring into my life, then I started blogging like this journal, then my girlfriend which I thought was good for me 6 years became an ex.
Then I received so much happiness from interacting with a special persons and a special person and my service to others and GOD has increased so much. Not me the hermit.
GOD is moving, and I hope he moves in your life, he listens and cares for you he wants you unblocked.
GOD wants to fill that void, that hole in your gut, that emptiness..