Remembering Who We Are

Remembering the parts of experiences of the past we can discover who we are.

Remembering allows us to understand our potential and our intended purpose.

Understanding will generate inspiration to construct new ideas to create new experiences, memories, new realities.

We are a three fold being of which we are able to create upon what has been created.

If we limit that knowledge our creations will be limited.

If we do not limit our knowledge our creations will be unlimited.

We are made of three dimensions:

Present Perceptions of the Body, 
Future Projections of the Mind
Past Experiences of the Emotions

Accessing each one will allow us to receive the power of energy that creates worlds.

As we focus upon any subjects of attraction from the huge variety of subjects of unwanted; we define our wants.

This desire of wants is our preferences; our reality; our intended creations of new to be added to what is existing.

Our purpose is to take thought beyond it's limits, Our Creations will advance Our Lives, Our World, Our Universe.