Jun 26, 2009


There has been some rare occurances happening in my life this month. One is the abstinence of drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco, well you know that drugs is a leading cause of death, those legal and illegal right. Well I know that I know, that I know that GOD has solved this problem for me, he has removed the addictions that were causing health problems in my life. There is no explaining this kind of mercy, only to say he did it, a blessing of a miracle, a phenomenon. In addition, he has brought someone very special in my life by way of twitter, this person is such a good person, I think of her as virtuous woman like the one in Proverbs 31. This woman has moral excellence, so pure in heart, and a love that is heart felt, I'm so happy with our conversations, and our time together, we have so much fun together we pray daily together. I can only say that because of GOD I have been truly blessed with such gifts, a longer lease on my life. I want to give credit to where credit is due for these things that I could not due by myself and for myself. I'm glad GOD has done this, so that I can tell others he can, and will do, he is able, GOD could and would if he were sought. There are other things that GOD has done, but I will tell about that later. I do know that if it can be explained, GOD didn't do it, he does what no man can do, the unexplained.
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