Jun 3, 2009

Believe in yourself still more in GOD

Why believe in yourself?
Well I know now why I must believe in myself, treat myself with upmost care, love myself, take good care of the self that people see and the one that they don't see.
Let me say you are worthy to believe in yourself, because if you knew the GOD working in you who wants you to believe in yourself but still more in him who lives deep inside of you.
He paid a high price for your belief, and he knows you have a war upon your belief system.
I know I have been convicted that my actions prove that I believe I'm smarter than GOD, it's not my words but my actions.
So believe in yourself because GOD does, he equips you, empowers you, because he loves you and wants you to enjoy the life he has given you, he is the author of all life and since you are breathing today it is because today he had a plan to wake you up.
All things are possible to him that believes, so be willing, pray for willing to believe, tell GOD you don't believe but help my unbelief.
Listen to him speak to your heart, and desiring your closeness so you can get to know him and have a wonderful relationship with him.
Jesus made it possible as our brother to have access to the Heavenly Father but you don't have to look all in space, he is on the inside of you, look within he's there.
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