Jul 3, 2009

Greater than me

Greater is he that is in you and me than he that is in the world.
What does that scripture mean?
GOD is the greater in me, GOD is the one greater than anything outside of you or me.
There are so many micro organisms inside the human body, and brain than the galaxies in heaven.
When GOD created you and me, he did a wonder, a awesome creation, we are his marvelous creation, we are just a little lower than the angel.
I'm writing this as encouragement of how much GOD put into creating you, to promote his love, to provoke love for him, and to educate those who consider GOD to be just in heaven.
Please note that you should be glad that GOD dwells inside of each of us, keeping every part of your body together just like he keeps the world rotating and rotating around the sun.
Jesus created you and me to have himself on the inside of you, he wants a surrendered person so he can be truly inside your heart and develop your personality and your character.
Scripture points out that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, you don't have to go to a place to get GOD.
He is within you all the time, please note if you didn't have him within you you wouldn't be alive.
Study the WORD of GOD it will tell you how important it is to keep feeding on what keeps you alive like food for the physical, you also have other systems working within you.
Don't neglect those other systems or components within your system, each neesds proper balance to keep you healthy.
Emotional, Mental, Relationship with GOD, you also need behavior or character if you would, don't forget you also need financial. There are 6 areas of your being that needs work.
I should say me in the first person, I'm learning to be fully alive and each part of my being a live needs GOD's touch to be complete lacking nothing.
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