Jun 17, 2009


Are my words part of the solution or part of the problem?
After blogging some encouragement on twitter in 140 characters as well as sending 160 characters via text messaging from my phone, I received a text msg followed by a phone call.
Notice how I said encouragement?
My new friend had some feedback, and I welcomed it. After listening I begin questioning how my words can take on various meanings and can be misunderstood, or misinterpreted, I begin to internalize how one interprets words and my mind began to explode in thought, I knew I had to at least make a beginning of this thought frenzy with a blog.
I was always told that words are spirits so if they are alive we must be careful how they are used. The bible refers to words spoken can mean life or death.
The history of creation and GOD's revelation of himself in written documents says he spoke and creation appeared, so there must be power from GOD spoken word's.
When you hear something that pertains to the subject of GOD, do you shut down? Does it turn you on or off? This can be an indication if you are awake or sleep spirtually.
How my mind works, I saw in the text msg was how someone can dissect the message and pick what is relevant for them and leave the rest for others.
Interesting, kind of like going to a buffet restaurant and you find what you like and everything else you just pass it by.
Another view is like going over to someone’s home for dinner and they pass you a plate and you say I don’t eat this or that, and they either put it back in the pot or you receive the plate, but you don’t eat everything on your plate.
Well these are analogies of how I analyzed the feedback I received without reacting negatively or judging the person providing feedback.
Words, we use them so rapidly, if you are like me, you take them for granted.
Some of us are extraverts which speak first to hear our thoughts, and some are introverts who think first before speaking these are personality styles and we all have styles of processing information from logic to feelings, and timing styles.
Words can spark someone to hike the football, or to run a certain play in any sport, words communicated can start a war or end one, words can cause someone to react and commit murder, or cause someone to live the rest of their lives together.
Words can give someone a name that will stick through a lifetime, words that damage can injure for a lifetime as well.
The bible speaks volumes about words we use, like a salt fountain, or a bitter sweet fountain, your mouth can’t be both fountains.
Take time to consider our words careful when we start to write or speak.
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