Jun 4, 2009

Say hello to the bad guy.

You know I'm not one who is quick to say I'm wrong, as a matter of fact, I'm kinda slow.
Slow to say sorry, slow to ask for forgiveness, slow to see myself wrong.
Why is that?
To answer that one must be willing to seek the truth from a bible perspective, biblical point of view, a spiritual authority.
Let's look at Adam he was able to name all the animals, wow, every animal that was created, that is truly amazing that the brain has capability to name something new, just imagine if you will the various species and subspecies.
Ok now we must see what happen to that mind, he ate of a tree and lost his mind.
What's wrong with eating?
Well eating is not wrong, it's what you eat from that is wrong, especially if the one who created it tells you don't do it.
Ok well all know that, well as soon as he did and was summons for a report, he was called in for accountability because that's what GOD will do for each one of us.
Don't we all have some excuse why we do things and don't we think we have the answers to life.
GOD said did you eat of the tree I told you not to eat from?
Adam blamed GOD first for giving him a woman and she gave him the fruit of the forbidden tree.
See that blame game.
Well I said all of that to say that I have what he had a messed up mind, and it isn't that reliable.
Two weeks ago, me and my girlfriend went on a small trip, it was lovely until I arrived with my ego and attitude and I started blaming my girlfriend for things, like out of the blue.
One thing led to another and I was angry and being very hurtful, but back then if I were to tell you what happen I would say I was just being honest.
But honesty can hurt someone so bad that they must get away from the source of pain and that's what she did she got away from me for 2 weeks.
Yesterday she spoke to me, and I did it again, and I heard her cry over the phone and I was immediately telling her to stop crying, please, I don't want you to cry, lets talk, lets work it out.
As we talked I felt I must take some action about the people I have drawn into my life in our 2 week seperation.
I did, and it was painful but not as painful as hurting the one I love for the past 6 years.
Long story short, the lesson, I must draw the line and not cross over the path of getting close to another woman, when I give another woman the attention that my lady deserves I have crossed the line.
GOD is good, he is the author of real love, closing down what is not true love and opening the door for true love, he got me and my g/friend back together and for me to get some sanity about my social behavior.
Well my hope is that I can stay on the path of learning how not to be the bad guy.
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