Nov 1, 2010

Emotional Indicators for Vortex Heading

Positive Emotions (Light Energy)
  • JOY
  • Enlightenment
  • Inspiration
  • Knowledge
  • Empowerment
  • Freedom
  • Appreciation
  • Peace
2 Passion
3 Enthusiasm
  • Eagerness
  • Happiness
4 Positive Expectation
  • Belief
5 Optimism
6 Hopefulness <-- Get Here For to Lift Off -->
7 Contentment
Negative Emotions (Dark Energy)
8 Boredom
9 Pessimism
10 Frustration / Irritation / Impatience
11 Overwhelment
12 Disappointment
13 Doubt
14 Worry
15 Blame
16 Discouragement
17 Anger
18 Revenge
19 Hatred/Rage
20 Jealousy
21 Insecurity /Guilt Unworthiness
22 Fear / Grief / Depression / Despair

To get to the top all one has to do is to listen and feel the vibration of ones emotions toward any thought that is conceived.

Feel the thought if it feels wonderful, allow it to feel better and better, keep allowing the thoughts to come to fuel the emotions till it gets better and better.

Feelings are our indicator of where we are and where we are going.

Look at this list and discover where you are emotionally if it's a good feeling place or not.

Decide to select thoughts, create thoughts that will bring about the best suited feeling.

This is our Emotional Guidance Working In Our Favor so that we can go to a good place I like to call the Spinning Vortex of All that Is within you already; the real you, the incremental you.

All the cooperative components of who I want to be is in my Vortex of creativity.
All that I will become and I all that I have become is in my Vortex.
No I can't see it physically but I visualize it mentally, and I can feel it emotionally.

How does one feel when you think thoughts that are positive if you say they feel great you are near or in the Vortex.

Vortex is like a heaven that is felt on the inside.