Nov 14, 2010

Feeds of Perspectives

Torrent Quality Aspects

Find Positive Parts of Ones Life. Each positive aspect will appear. Keep focusing upon positive and more positive will reveal itself. The more you focus the more new areas will show themselves. Keep seeking positive and the and the Universe will feed you positive data to support ones reality and eventually inspiration will develop for action upon more positive aspects to develop. No time for negative thinking or negative conversation when positive energy shows up in owns evidences and ones reality.

Feeds for my Reality
Download what you prefer. The life we live is one that is dependent upon our choices in what we select as our attitudes we broadcast. There are powerful laws that respond to our dominant thoughts which are our attitudes and moods which are vibrational in nature. Vision ourselves with the ability to be browsers which query torrents of any variety to download whatever we want. Like matrix movie which can download any program for minds to have skill for productivity. The Universe powered by GOD's laws gives us whatever our conscious choices are, whatever we conceive desired or undesired it can be fed to us like electronic rss feeds or funnels of data to support our thought processes. We are born to create what we choose and GOD has equipped everything inside you and me and outside you and me to have exactly what we desire. The purpose we can achieve is efficiency at our focus or download and use of the information given to us to make a desert existance into an oasis based upon our choices mentally, verbally, emotionally, actions which work in harmony to what is ones focus.