Nov 16, 2010

Calibration to Source/GOD/Expanded Self

  • Seek to advance ones best thoughts to GOD/SOURCE/EXPANDED SELF which is our employment, my job is to offer the best thinking, this will allow me to receive the best emotions.
  • I'm hired and on the clock and get a daily pay check in emotional dividends and experiences that I want and those I don't want depending on what my focus is.
  • Find connection to the Expanded Version of Self with an arrangement of delicious thoughts, because I'm a vibrational transmitter, I connect to objects, subjects, people, places, things, events and my emotional guidance system offers responses to my thoughts with more and more of what I'm broadcasting.
  • I'm clocked in to adjust each thought, revise each thought to get the best emotional stimulus.
  • How this works, well, simply put thoughts and emotions arevibrational, frequencies, sort of like electricity, and the quality of these are transmitted from GOD within, Expanded Self, Source which sends what I think about to the Universe which finds matching electricity and transmits back to me as my answer.
  • So I'm constantly sending and receiving as a wifi router, or hotspot, or modem, internally within the body by the mind, the words, the emotions and actions all transmit electricity, transmit like a signal of what we want or don't want, and our Expanded Part of Us we call GOD or Source is taking the equal portion and shooting rockets to the Universe for more of what we want so we can always have our support of what we desire or don't desire depending on our point of attraction.
  • So this order is GOD/SOURCE/EXPANDED SELF is our first connection, our first priority for who our ego, our eternal personality is which always is enhancing, growing, expanding our consciousness in our physical reality, our spiritual reality, our vibrational reality.
  • We make the arrangements, we are responsible for revising, editing for the best results, we are responsible for what offer and what we receive we are always in control, the illusion the false premise is that we are not in control.
  • So make the agreement of who we are with the best ideas, best thoughts, which is easy because GOD within already knows, our SOURCE already knows, our EXPANDED Version of Self already knows who we are and what we want before we offer it and always is making sure we get what we want or what we don't want so align with who we are, the best of who we are.
  • Each person has a portion of GOD, a portion of Source a built in Super Ego part human and part divine and it's our job to calibrate with our best super part of self.
  • The best way to know if your calibrating with this powerful part of us is how we feel, if we feel great, feel joy, feel truly wonderful we are on point, we are in alignment, we are calibrated perfectly matching the non-physically part of us.