Oct 7, 2010

Three Steps

3 Universal Steps For Creating
 1. (Our Job) Consistent Offering Ones Thoughts for what is wanted or Constant Asking for Improvements 
2. (Not Our Job) All Thoughts, All Words, All Emotional
Requests Are Answered With Energy To Be, To Have, To Do 
From the SOURCE of Everything   
(GOD of many names is (Able), Universe of Laws (Can Deliver whatever is desired)  
  3. (Our Job) Constant (Mental-Faith) Visualizing Ones Steps to Receive Each Desire

 What I Desire To Be (Innermost Emotions) 
How I Design (Ideas of Thinking)
Whatever I Can Do (Body of Senses)
Connect, Access, Position Oneself to Receive
Receive like a hub for stimulated content for emotional, mental, and physical satisfaction

There are larger bodies that align themselves to function, and so can smaller masses like us.

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