Oct 3, 2010

Feeling Lost

Feeling Empty

First of all the feelings we all have are designed for guidance to enjoyment.

When we don't feel good for whatever our thinking gravitates to, we can stay or keep moving to a better feeling.

When a subject of GOD or religion or anything that is not seen but an idea, our job is to fine tune the idea till the thought feels better not worse.

What happens to some of us who don't seem to feel like there is a place on earth, in our communities of believers toward any deity, we began to ignore the feeling, ignore the subject, ignore the thought of whatever we feel discomfort from.

Some responses are to speak more about the subject as to push it out of our conscious, but the results are the same or worse.

Some responses are to push it away from us by thinking of something better, but this thought, experience, and feeling now is a memory that will never be erased.

All things we experience require our attention to review for clarity, to discover what is wanted from what is unwanted.

We all live in a huge variety of choices in all flavors, shapes, sizes, cost, color, speeds, interests and the lists can go on and on.

We are in a world of abundance and our job is to find what feels good for us to live with a constant supply of awesome emotions.

When we are in this mode of discovery for ourselves, it is a pleasant job and we will find ourselves at peace and love, and freedom and appreciation.

What we label it, is not as important as the experience that is better in how we feel in the experience.

So find that sweet spot of good feeling in all that we choose this is a peace that is truly an opportunity for all of us. 

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