Jul 23, 2009


Hello my fellow bloggers and readers, I really enjoy looking up quotes and finding great thinkers who have said some philosophical to say about life.
Don't you look for something that is fitting for your circumstance, or how you feel and think for the moment, something to give you a boost?
I like looking for inspiration and sometimes I can be drained at not finding the right words to fit me. I even have horoscopes to attempt to fill what I call a gap or emptiness of inspiration.
What I enjoy also is taking a powerful thought and updating it to more contemporary thoughts or ideas, making it more personal or using urban language.
What really turns me up and upward to move forward is going inside to get GOD which dwells on the inside by prayer, for real I have to go there in prayer, go and get him.
Get silent and pray slowly and listen after each word as I express my need for him, listen to him speak back to me as I pray to him, he gives inspiration for me.
This inspiration allows me to put something out in the atmosphere for others to be inspired to do the same thing I'm doing go to GOD for your hunger for wisdom and knowledge.
He really satisifies I mean he really does give you what you need so he inspires you and when your inspired from within you can face life successfully.
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