Jul 13, 2009

Shooting the breeze.

New experiences all the time, so many it's not easy to share them all, I even get writers block and I'm not a professional writer by a long shot, just one who GOD has brought out of darkness and brought into his marvelous light.
There is so many malnurished of the word of GOD and for someone to be an example of what GOD can do in a life.
The scripture says there is a labor shortage in the world his vinyard.
There will always be someone to witness to and share the good news of what GOD can do and has done.
There will always be scoffers, and doubters, resisters of the faith and truth from the bible or from a pastor or bible believer, you will face resistance.
But please don't be discourage, Jesus said he has overcome the world, have faith and love in GOD, he did, so can you and I, Jesus and GOD the Father wants you to be a overcomer.
It can get rough, sometimes tough, but don't stop talking to GOD in prayer, seek him no matter what your up against, or not up against, pray non-stop.
This is not one of those oh let me tell you what has happened, so much is happening, like your experiences, GOD has lots of evidence that says how much he loves you.
Sunshine and rain, we all have it, it's just what do we do when life shows up, when things happen contrary to our comfort zones?
I'm grateful you had a moment to come by and see what's going on with me, I'm about the Father's business, I hope and pray every week I can have something for you to chew spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and for your behavior choices.
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