Apr 8, 2010

Paying attention to my feelings is my job. So I pay attention to what helps!

When you find out your condition, the explanation allows one to make a good decisions for better experiences.

Deliberately choose thoughts that will produce the effect of feelings which will benefit self.

In contrast my history has lots of evidence to persuade me to seek and do better.

The mind needs deep thoughts to exercise with constant feeding it with good healthy information like facts, truth, healing, spirituality, emotional health, for physiology(physical body), financial information.

Anything that elevates, upgrade, uplifting, motivational, inspirational my mind is train to attract now so Heaven / Universe knows I need to rise up.

Nothing should separate me from the Attraction to the Treasure of GOD on the inside, his presence allows everything else to operate and because of contrast I know not to go back there to separate from this love, this elation..

So what GOD has put together coupled with my effort let nothing separate me from the good life on the inside.
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