Apr 12, 2010

Living good within requires commited daily effort and empowerment.

The impressive, outstanding powers of the mind have been used improperly and I received the results of those choices constantly attracting my mind after physical things, external things for entertainment, leisure or pleasure seeking. 

After a period of time the mind and emotions are reduced to always seeking nothing but external things like a (filter or funnel) that is superficial or top surface.

Which means there is no depth for true advancement for myself or really no one in society.

Selfish seeking becomes the 1st and 2nd nature when all you think about is how I can feel good through external means, not once going inward to who GOD is or to please him, or to help anyone.

Educate, train, treat, exert energy in studying things that will inspire the mind and emotions.

Some will be inspired or motivated or even desparate to go spiritual when their lives depend upon it.

I'm grateful for the experiences I've received that continually call me to think better, feel better, live better spiritually for this is the best way for me.
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