Mar 25, 2010

I'm learning to maintain the joy of creating through what I say and what I think and what I feel and it seems to be real positive it spiritual, it's medical, it's scientific, it's philisophy, it's universal laws that work.

I remember old folks would say if you talk about something long enough, you call attention to it, you called it up, your desire brought it forth.  If you talk about anything negative or positive would bring it to existance into reality.

Well it's true, the bible calls it reap what you sow.

Laws of Attraction is real, that's why GOD says watch what you think from the heart, what you look at with your eye, if it's causing you trouble, cut it out, change the channel so it doesn't manifest.

Well the only way to change is to change from within, your focus, your attention, your own desires, your own thoughts, your own feelings cause things to become attraction points for the universe to bring it to you no matter what it is or who it is.

Very interesting observation and analysis of life, create wisely, live wisely, build the best upon what is found to be the best foundation that never changes - The Solid Rock of Christ the Savior and The Way, The Truth and The Life - GOD's Beloved Son - Jesus
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