Mar 31, 2010

If you could see an aerial view of my life, an aerial view, it's like you are standing here, and over there is a doorway, and on the other side of the door is lined up all of these things that I've been wanting. They're just leaning on the door, just waiting for me to open it. They've been there from the first moment I asked for them: The perfect mates, a perfect body, my perfect bodily conditions, all of the money that I could ever imagine ... all things that I've ever wanted. Things little and big. Things that I would call extraordinary and significant, and things that I would call not very significant. Everything that I have ever identified that I wanted is lined up right outside that door. And in the moment that you open the door, all things wanted flow to me.

Remember JESUS said I'm at the door knocking, let him in, but he knows there is a world of prejudice, be open minded and know that JESUS is PERSONAL to Me.

My personal commentary taken from Abraham-Hicks recording G-5-16-00
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