Mar 23, 2010

As long as I learn something that I didn't know before I've succeeded.
Journal what I've learned and review what I've learned.
Life is worth living is worth journaling

Welcome frustration, my brain is searching, I'm looking for a break through, a new answer, that's a emotion, this emotion can drive me for success, drive me to move.

Pain and failure drives me to greater success.

So train the mind and emotions to get excited over the frustration of failure turn that emotion towards action.

I'm thankful for the negative emotions for in them it's a indicator to give me the motivation to move to change, to alter so I can move away from that toward a higher emotion on the scale.

Welcome frustration, condition myself for excitement.

Recently I had a program on my computer which crashed and I searched for two days till I found the answer on google and it worked and now my program which is an editor program works really well again.

If you in the mindset that you are already successful you fall in a trap, the juice is in the expansion.

When people succeed they tend to party, when they fail they tend to ponder.
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