Sep 15, 2009


I have to give a testimony of how awesome this GOD who has resurrected me from living for material gains and euphoria's which don't come from him or from love.
I have been equipped with some spiritual equipment from spiritual principles which is super natural and I know I don't deserve it.
I have lived in such wasteful living in my estimate that it would disqualify me to experience the kind of intimacy a saint would have.
I'm truly grateful to be restored to such closeness with the creator of the universe with such gentleness and goodness which makes me weep constantly.
When I know my actions have slapped GOD in the face and my attitude has been in the past scum of the universe, he has blessed me on the inside to rearrange my inner most feelings so that I love him more and more and love others more and more and I even love myself.
The beauty is that I got it by messing up so much. So he wants to use me for his glory now how did I find this treasure of a relationship? I had to make such train wrecks it's a shame to mention.
Anyway It's pure joy now to not even think about what others think of me and to think about how to please GOD who lives on the inside of me and expresses himself though my behavior, choices, words, and demeanor.
Is manifestation on what he can do with a life is remarkable and webster doesn't have words to describe this feeling on the inside, I'm living blessing of the miracle..
I want to continue on with courage but I must admit he has boosted my courage so I can even write this, even if it will encourage me further I'm grateful and ready to move on...
Thank you Heavenly Father, JESUS and Holy Spirit the three who rule forever as GOD.
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