Apr 23, 2009

Twitter Novice

Today I was using a twitter personality analysis tool located: http://twanalyst.com/ I feel like this picture you see, serene and calm, and a little fantasy. Do you know what it said about me? Based on my stats from my page, personality: I'm a ordinary sociable unremarkable; style babbling coherent POET. Of course I had to look up coherent, it means orderly, logical, consistent relation of parts. The tool also gave me some tips, so I thought I would try 2 of them immediately. Since I don't have a lot of retweeting on my page, I thought I would making blogs to sort of get things off my chest instead of running a lot of unintersting tweets on my page possibly scarring people off my pages. I never looked at my writing style as poetic, but from what I heard from others they seem to think I'm ready to write a book. I like tweeting through out the day listening to the celebs vibes and ordinary people share the photos or what their doing, when I try to do it, I can't stop typing, things are popping up in my cerebral that is unexplained. I start wondering why are people on my page, what would cause people to follow me? I don't know what I look like or sound like because I see myself too often, but someone is looking and listening. Maybe it's the celebs or people I follow, maybe it's the tweeter follower themself and not me at all, or maybe a combination, anyway I hope this social networking can benefit myself and others somehow. This so far has been a better cleaner experience on tweeter than myspacing it and yahoo360 in which I was a wanna be playa or better attention male whore.. Well this will not be the last blog, just some thoughts while I fix complex and simple issues as a techie.
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