Jul 19, 2010

States of Mind that enable success or disabling powerless states

Each moment the mind and body and emotions are in states.


Successful states - Confidence, love, inner strength, joy, ecstasy states of belief that springs forth well being of personal power.

Powerful Vortex State when one is aware of one's thoughts and directs thoughts toward the emotions for emotional response alignment with thoughts so that the experience physically is one of ease and comfort; euphoria of joy is the feeling.


Paralyzing states of confusion, depression, fear, anxiety, sadness, frustration states these are the lower states of being or states of mind, or states of body.


Understanding states will provide the keys and clues to understanding how to change and achieve excellence.


The attitude is one area to focus on which will result in the mood or emotion and the behavior.

Pick a successful attitude that produces good mental and emotional experience then choose the behavior that is in alignment with the attitude and emotion.

This is your state!

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