Nov 23, 2009

Relationship and Companionship with GOD

GOD consciousness when cultivated, one will always think of GOD. I'm surprised GOD can choose me, I'm amazed at his grace, mercy and love. The relationship in GOD is a support which can not be shaken when one is grounded in GOD. Having a long term relationship with GOD through faith, and the effects are emotions, meekness, patient long suffering, humble spirit, obedience to GOD. Courage in GOD is the effects of faith in GOD, connection with GOD, intimate relationship with GOD. Not easily provoked is an effect of a short term or long term association with GOD. Have a family fellowship with GOD. Sharing same interest or aim or feeling of friendship between GOD and yourself. Because of the relationship with GOD the cornerstone the foundation has been fixed in place. So when the storms of life, that come into my life, because of GOD operating in my life, I don't get a chance to whine and complain, I don't create the storms in my life anymore. I walk in the power of my creator not by words but by his spirit.
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